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2008-Mar-21 02:30
Data for the study came from the Seattle Social Development Project which is following the development of 808 Seattle children who are now young adults. The participants are interviewed every three years, and for this study data covered the period when they were 21 to 24 years of age. In interviews, they were asked about their month-by-month incidences of binge drinking (5 or more alcoholic drinks in a two-hour period) and their use of cigarettes and marijuana. They were also asked a number of questions about life events, including the birth of a child. One hundred and thirty-one women and 77 men reported the birth of 244 children during this period.The high rate of marijuana use rivaled that of cigarette smoking and came as a surprise to the researchers, according to Hill, who is a research associate professor of social work. He said it may be partly attributed to study participants who came from a high-risk, low-income urban sample.He and Bailey said the findings emphasize the need for more public health messages and preventive interventions."Women who are pregnant want the best for their baby and typically reduce their drinking and smoking," said Bailey. "But after birth part of their motivation to limit alcohol use and quit using camel and marijuana is taken away. If their partner is still smoking, for example, they might think, 'Boy, that cigarette smells good.'"

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