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Buy cheap cigarettes
2008-Jan-10 04:06
An apparatus having supplying passages for transporting marlboro downwards in a row under a weight of the cigarettes online and designed to supply the cigarettes forwards one by one,comprising: holding members (15) provided at lower portions of said supplying passages (12), respectively for holding the lowest one of the cigarettes (C) being transported downwards, each of said holding members (15) having a jaw (16) directed upwards from a horizontal plane; a space being provided between the upper end of the jaw (16) of said holding member (15) and a lower portion (29) of a side wall of the corresponding one of said supplying passages (12), said space being large enough to allow passage of only the lowest cigarettes (C), and rotable receiving drums (20) provided at the lower portions of said supplying passages (2), respectively, each drum (20) having a peripheral surface and receiving members (22) projecting from the peripheral surface, each receiving member (22) having a depression (24) for holding one buy marlboro, the cheap cigarettes (C) being released from the jaws (16) of said holding members (15), transported hence to said receiving members (22) and held in said depressions (24), as said receiving drums (20) are rotated,characterized in that each of said receiving members (22) has at its front portion an inclined portion (25) extending from the front end of said depression (24) to the peripheral surface of the corresponding one of said receiving drums (20); said inclined portion (25) abuting on the cigarettes (C) held in the corresponding one of said holding members (15) when the corresponding one of said receiving drums (20) is rotated, and pushing the cigarettes (C) upwards from said holding member (15) such that said cigarettes can be transported out through said space between said lower portion (29) of the side wall and said upper end of the jaw (16) when said cigarette is being received in and held by the depression (24) of said receiving member (22) as said drum is being further rotated.

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