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cheap cigarettes online
2008-Jan-10 04:06
Hey congratulations on the new baby!!! why would you want to smoke ONE cigarettes? if you have already quit then your best bet would be to NOT start up again, honestly, after that ONE cig you dont think you will want another? I smoked occasionally wihle I was pregnant and my kids were all healthy, but I am one of the lucky ones, your better off NOT taking your chances! I smoked with both kids more with my first then my second my first was 7.10 and my second was 6.10all my friends cigarettes while pregnant and they have healthy kids,my mom smoked while pregnant with me and I'm fine.If your eating healthy and getting lots of rest and not stressed out your baby will be fine!Some doctors will tell you not to quit because the withdrawls you have may affect your baby .1 cigarettes will not make a difference I'm sure! The effect one marlboro would have on your baby would be minimal. However, if that one cigarettes is going to be a stepping stone to get you full-blown smoking again, it's a bad idea. Once you are a full-time smoker while pregnant, your baby gets addicted to it to and it causes more stress on your baby to quit again than it would if you kept smoking. I know plenty of people, myself included, who have smoked during pregnancy and none of their children were affected at all. Don't listen to all the people who get high and mighty with you about smoking and being pregnant. It's a stressful situation and who are they to judge? You might just as well give the camel straight to your baby and I am sure you wouldn't want to do that. cheap cigarettes smoke is full of poisons. Isn't your baby worth not having that cigarettes? Do you really think you'll stop after one? Well I smoked thru all my pregancies , at least a pack a day. All 3 kids big, fat and healthy, and stayed healthy into adulthood. Im not saying anyone SHOULD smoke during pregnacy. There is much more info about the risks now than there where back then. But ONE cigarettes online story????? Nah wouldnt cause any problems I wouldnt think. Some babies who are exposed to cigarettes during pregnancy have no effects, while others have a lot. You never know what could hapen. Plus, that one could turn into 2, then 3 etc. I would not even attempt it. You can do it! My mom quit when she found out she was pregnant, and made it smoke free until I was about 3 or 4. But then she smoked outside and still does. im a Doctor and if u you have 1 smoke your baby is no longer alive sorry

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