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2007-Sep-18 02:43
I'm the one who wrote the book that Dean wrote about that started this thread, so you can kind of guess where my general feelings are. I largely agree with Lock, Rosemary and those on their side and largely disagree with John and those on that side.That much being said... let me get specific for a bit. John said: "businesses have health codes they must comply with. A restaurant can't put poison in the food, so why should they be allowed to overlook poison in the air?"Actually John, businesses are FULLY allowed to have poisons in their foods, as long as those poisons are at governmentally approved "safe" levels. Smoke has about 4,000 chemicals in it while the average American diet has about 10,000.One of the favorite chemicals Antismokers like to care you with is ARSENIC! Deadly poison right?According to the Mass. Dept of Public Health the verage total output of arsenic in a smoke from a cigarette is about 32 nanograms. The average nonsmoker in a decently ventilated room with a smoker will breathe in a total of about 1/1000th of that amount or about 3 hudnredths of a single nanogram.Under the new superstrict government safety standards for arsenic in water, 10ppb is allowed. That's 10 nanograms per gram or about 5,000 nanograms for a 16 ounce tumbler of "safe" water served to you in that restaurant.A nonsmoker would have to sit in such a room with a smoker while the smoker smoked 165,000 cigarettes before even getting to the same SAFE level as they're getting from the glass of water.

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