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2007-Sep-18 02:43
 To the disappointment of the nation's yellow-fingered campaigners for smokers' rights, the celebrity chef has finally decided to pack in the cigarettes, telling me that he has been off the dreaded weed for a month.Disappointing news for the pro-puffing group Forest, since "the squashed Bee Gee" (Gordon Ramsay's words) has been one of its most outspoken patrons ahead of this summer's ban on smoking in public places."I've got to say it hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought it would be, I'm doing fine," Wozza tells me."It hasn't been like the last time when I stopped for a few weeks before I ran the London Marathon. I felt absolutely terrible then." (He staggered from the finishing line to The Savoy for champagne, a chip butty and a ciggie; he collapsed.)Worrall Thompson was speaking at a dinner in his restaurant Notting Grill to promote the sweetener Splenda; he avoids sugar and has been watching his health of late, having been diagnosed with the condition Syndrome X, which increases the risk of developing diabetes."This doesn't mean I'll stop supporting Forest," he added. "I firmly believe that if someone wants to smoke, that's their decision."Worrall Thompson was a renowned scrounger of cigarettes, so if smokers are looking for a positive, they can at last stop gripping their packets in his presence. Every (smoke) cloud...

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