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2007-Sep-18 02:43
Your second point ? the proposal to raise cigarettes taxes across the nation ? would probably reduce smoking rates and increase the health of those who could not afford to keep smoking. However, I doubt it would reduce the gang-related problems. It would merely export them to the rest of the US. Smugglers would still import cheap cigarettes and their market would be all 50 States. It is very difficult for law enforcement to police smugglers when the smuggled product may be legally used (e.g., if a policeman sees someone smoking dope, he can bust him for breaking the law. However, if a policeman sees an adult smoking a cigarette, he has no way to know if the cigarette was legally purchased or illegally purchased). BTW, I am not sure that those who say smokers consume more than their fair share of government services are correct. Sure, they are less productive citizens (studies have shown they take more sick days than non-smokers) and usually die sooner. However, this also saves the government significant money since smokers collect much less in Social Security benefits than non-smokers because they die earlier. Of course, this leads to your last point.

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